Rebel Cowboy Music School


Kingsville and Wheatley Ontario, Canada



James Daniel


Instructor and owner of Rebel Cowboy Music james Daniel is a native of Warkworth, Ontario. His love for music and performing evolved when he began to take music lessons at 15 years old in Toronto, Ontario and joined his high school’s jazz band. Pursuing a strong interest in jazz, James studied and performed at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario. He holds an Advanced Diploma in Applied Music, specializing in jazz guitar.

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Alyssa Epp - vocal, piano, ukulele, guitar

Jeremy Seip - guitar, ukulele, bass

Sharon Paquette-Lose - multi-Instruments

Max Marshall - multi-Instruments

Wesley Shuttleworth - multi -instruments

Mike Authier - guitar, bass, drums, ukulele

Kelly Authier - piano, vocal



Piano / Guitar / Vocal / Violin / Bass / Drums / Banjo / Ukulele / Clarinet / Flute / Saxophone / Recorder / Bag Pipes / Tin Whistle / Mandolin / Dobro /